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12mm and 18mm Freestanding

12mm and 18mm Freestanding

12 and 18mm thick MDF

with rounded edges on many products to give a nicer feel and look.

Rounded edges to the material make for less chipping of paint.

12mm  MDF Owl 100mm High

12mm Thick MDF Owl Freestanding.100mm high.x 95mm Wide. ..


18mm MDF House 100mm

18mm MDF Standing House 100mm  ..


18mm MDF Standing Dog Bone 100mm

18mm MDF Standing Dog Bone.100mm by 50mm..


18mm Standing Handbag 100mm

18mm MDF Standing Handbag .100mm by 70mm in size..


18mm MDF Standing Star 100mm

18mm Thick MDF standing star.100mm in size..


12mm MDF freestanding Rose 200mm wide

12mm Thick MDF Rose .Width 200mm.Hight 90mm at the highest point...


18mm Beetle Car

18mm MDF Beetle car.150mm by 65mm..


18mm Elephant

18mm MDF Elephant.150mm by 100mm..


18mm Lion

18mm MDF Lion.150mm by 150mm..


18mm MDF Angel wings 150mm

18mm MDF  angel wings 90mm high by 150mm wide. freestanding can be made in other sizes please contact us...


18mm Mini Car

18mm MDF Mini car .150mm  by 60mm..


18mm Train

18mm MDF Train .150mm by 105mm ..


18mm MDF  standing Fantasy pony design 1

18mm thick MDF Standing fantasy pony .Design 1.150mm in size..


18mm MDF Standing Chick

18mm MDF Standing Chick.180mm wide by 150mm tall...


18mm MDF standing fantasy pony design 2

18mm MDF standing fantasy pony.Design 2  150mm in size..


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