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Christmas Designs

Christmas festive items and designs

Super designs for the most special occasion of the year for many. Finished by hand to a superior finish ready to decorate and show off to all at Christmas.

Any design you have can be made for you to make them even more special and unique

18mm MDF Santa Head 100mm

18mm MDF Santa Head.100mm tall by 65mm wide..


18mm MDF Snowman 100mm

18mm MDF Snowman .100mm tall ..


4mm Thick MDF ELF House with tree 90mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Elf House, comes in 3 parts just glue together.House is 90mm wide by 100mm tall.Tree is 30mm ..


Mini Christmas trees laser cut pack of 10

Mini Christmas Trees Pack of 1025mm tall.Will have brown edges..


Penguin Laser Cut pack of 10

Penguin laser cut.Pack of 10.30mm tall by 20mm wide..


18mm Thick MDF Cracker starts at 100mm long  in size

18mm Thick MDF cracker starts at 100mm size..


18mm MDF Angel wings from 100mm

18mm MDF  angel wingsFrom 100mm wide..


18mm MDF Standing Star  Starts at 100mm

18mm Thick MDF standing star. Starts at 100mm in size..


18mm Thick MDF Chimney and legs 100mm tall

18mm Thick MDF Chimney with santa legs.100mm tall by 70mm wide..


18mm Thick MDF Christmas Pudding 100mm tall

18mm Thick MDF Christmas pudding comes in two parts just glue together. The cream part is 4mm Thick 100mm tall by 80mm wide ..


4mm MDF Christmas fairy

4mm MDF Christmas fairy.Comes in Two parts.140mm tall..


4mm MDF Reindeer On a base 150mm

4mm MDF Rocking reindeer on a base.Comes in two parts.150mm long..


4mm MDF Snowflake Bunting

4mm MDF Snowflake bunting with single letter.150mm size ..


6mm MDF Elf Wand

6mm MDF Elf wand with ribbon loop ...


6mm MDF Santa Head Wand

6mm MDF Santa Head Wand.With loop at the bottom for ribbon270mm tall..


Nativity Set Laser Cut PK5

Laser cut  Nativity setPack of 550mm by 35mmWill have brown edges due to laser cutting..


18mm Thick MDF Snowflake  starts at 100mm size

18mm thick MDF Standing  snow flake .100mm in size ...


18mm Thick MDF Christmas Pudding 130mm tall

18mm Thick MDF Christmas pudding comes in two parts the cream part is 4mm thick MDF, just glue to the front.130mm tall by 100mm wide..


4mm  MDF Praying  Angel  100mm pack of 3

4mm Thick MDF Praying Angel. 100mm tall, pack of 3..


4mm MDF Bell with loop starts at 100mm Size pack of 3

4mm Thick MDF Bell with loop 100mm in size pack of 3..


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