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Safe Materials Handling and Use

MDF, like any material can be hazardous to health if machined, sanded or sawn.

There are known issues with the dust and chemicals used in the manufacture which can be released into the atmosphere, inhaled and ingested which over long periods may cause irritation and other health issues.

You are advised to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when sanding, cutting, machining or changing the product in any way.

Furthermore we as suppliers suggest that if you are involved in volume machining, sanding and change of the material in any way in a closed environment that you have the correct extraction equipment in use, service it properly at the required intervals and maintain a healthy environment both for yourself and employees/family who are exposed to airborne contamination.

Further details can be obtained from MDF manufacturing websites and consultation with your local Health and Safety officer.

Many of the items sold from this site are small and can be a hazard to small children.

Some items might appear to be edible pieces, and as a consequence of ingestion could cause problems with digestion or breathing or other issues.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure ALL items are used in the manner for which they are purchased or intended and that children are supervised AT ALL TIMES when using the items in projects or may have access to them at any time.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure SAFE use of ALL items purchased and used in projects.

Cut and Crafts accept NO LIABILITY for misuse, ingestion, machining, modification or use other than the purpose for which the item is designed by us, the manufacturer.

All items are purchased by the customer with this in mind and they understand these conditions

NONE of the items on sale are designed to be used as children's toys.
They are for ornamental and craft use, decoration by adults, or decoration by children under adult supervision.