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Geometric Shapes

Shapes with geometric division.

Any silhouette can be transformed into similar shapes on request

Laser Cut T Rex Dinosaur  150mm

Laser Cut and Etched   T Rex 90mm tall by 150mm wide.Will have brown edges due to laser cutting..


Geometric Stegosarus Dinosaur 4mm MDF

Geometric Stegosaurus Dinosaur.4mm MDF .300mm Wide By 150mm Tall..


Geometric T Rex Dinosaur 4mm MDF

Geometric T Rex Dinosaur.4mm MDF .300mm Wide By 180mm Tall..


Geometric Triceratops Dinosaur 4mm MDF

Geometric Triceratops  Dinosaur.4mm MDF .300mm Wide By 140mm Tall..


Geometric Unicorn 4mm MDF

Geometric  Unicorn  Dinosaur.4mm MDF .200mm ..


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