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Sentiment Hearts

A range of laser etched hearts with sentiments

Laser Cut I Love you Rose Heart 65mm

Laser Cut and Etched   Heart I love You 65mm in size Will have brown edges due to laser cutting..


Laser Cut Because someone we love (Christmas)

Laser Cut and Etched   Because some one we love75mm Will have brown edges due to laser cutting..


A Angel in the Book of life

Laser Etched Heart.A Angel in the book of life.100mm in size.3mm MDF ..


A piece of my heart

Laser Etched Heart.A piece of my heart.100mm in size.3mm MDF ..


A Robin Appears

Laser Etched Heart.A Robin appears100mm in size.3mm MDF ..


Christmas in Heaven

Laser Etched Heart.Christmas in heaven100mm in size.3mm MDF ..


Only A Moment You Stayed

Laser Etched Heart.Only A moment you stayed100mm in size.3mm MDF ..


We Were Going To Have

Laser Etched Heart.We Were going to have 100mm in size.3mm MDF ..


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