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Jigsaw Shapes

MDF Jigsaw Shapes

18mm  Jigsaw Puzzle Piece  starts at  100mm tall

18mm Thick MDF Puzzle Piece.Starts at 100mm tall ..


18mm  MDF Mini  Joining jigsaw / puzzle pieces 50mm by 60mm

18mm Thick MDF Mini standing joining jigsaw pieces.50mm wide each piece by 60mm tall each piece, giving 100mm wide as a pair joined togetherGreat for table decorations or favours...


18mm Heart joinging Jigsaw /puzzle piece

18mm MDF Joining heart jigsaw .130mm total width.65mm tall ..


18mm  Free standing joining Jigsaw Puzzle pieces 150mm tall

18mm Thick MDF joining  freestanding jigsaw puzzle pieces set of two .150mm tall..


18mm  standing  Jigsaw linked letters

18mm Thick standing jigsaw letters .You get two letters and one heart.PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME LETTERS IF PUT BEFORE THE HEART WILL HAVE A LONG JOINER FROM THE LETTER TO THE HEART, Such as the letter L.150mm tall..


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