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Dog Shapes and Bones

Dog Shapes and Bones

MDF Dog Shapes and Bones

Lovely items for "Mans best friend" and your loving pet.

Great for showing your love for your furrball and make their sleep area, kennel or wherever a little different.

18mm MDF Dog Bone 180mm

18mm MDF Dog Bone.180mm By 100mm..


18mm Thick MDF Pair of   Bichon Frise Dogs

18mm Thick MDF Bichon Frise Dogs x2.1 x 90mm wide by 80mm tall.1x 170mm wide by 150mm tall...


18mm Thick MDF Pair of Basset Hounds

18mm Thick MDF Pair of Basset Hounds.1x 150mm wide by 80mm tall.1x 200mm wide by 120mm tall ..


18mm Thick MDF Pair of Cocker Spaniels

18mm MDF Pair of Cocker Spaniels.1x 150mm wide by 100mm tall.1x 200mm wide by 150mm tall...


18mm Thick MDF Pair of westie Dogs

18mm Thick MDF Westie Dogs x21x 180mm wide by 170mm tall.1x 140mm wide by 130mm tall...


4mm Engraved Dog Bone

Dog bone Engraved with any name, Please note... Longer words may be slightly smaller to fit the shape290mm long by 120mm tall. 4mm thickCNC cut comes sanded and ready to decorate..


18mm pair of bull terriers

1 set of two bull terriers 1xsmall 1x med .18mm MDF ..


18mm thick MDF pair od Shitzu dogs

18mm MDF Pair of Shitzu dogs 1x small 1x med..


18mm thick MDF Pair of Bearded collies

18mm MDF pair of Bearded collies 1x small 1x med..


18mm Thick MDF pair of Husky dogs

18mm MDF Husky dogs set of 2  small x1 med x1 ..


18mm thick mdf pair of Rottweiler dogs

18mm MDF pair of  Rottweiler dogs 1x small 1 xmed..


6mm MDF Dog Plant pot holder

6mm MDF   Dog Plant Pot holder .Comes in 3 parts just slot together and glue.190mm tall by 200mm wide...


18mm Dog head

18mm Dog head ..


Dog leader Holder ANY DOG

12mm Thick MDF "Time for walkies" dog lead holder.Comes with 4 peg holders to be glued in.YOU CAN HAVE ANY BREED OF DOG.Please leave a message with payment what dog you require.200mm wide by 170mm tall ...


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