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Animal Shapes

Animal Shapes

Animals and animal ideas for projects

Our animal range makes crafting fun for all ages

Laser Cut Cat 25mm

Laser cut cat .25mm tall .Comes with brown edges ..


4mm MDF  Owl 30mm

4mm MDF Owl 30mm in size ..


4mm MDF Butterfly 50mm

4mm MDF Bunting Butterfly.50mm..


4mm MDF Owl 50mm

4mm MDF owl.50mm  wide by 50mm tall..


4mm MDF Small Humming Bird 55mm

4mm MDF Humming Bird .55mm wide ..


4mm MDF Dolphin

Plain MDF Dolphin .100mm  ..


4mm MDF Fish 90mm

4mm MDF Fish .90mm wide by 100mm tall..


4mm  MDF OWL 100mm

4mm Thick MDF OWL100mm high100mm wide...


4mm MDF  Seahorse 100mm

4mm MDF Seahorse 100mm in size ..


4mm MDF Cat 100mm

4mm MDF Cat with hanging hole.100mm size..


4mm Badger with loop SM

4mm MDF Badger with hanging loop.150mm by 50mm..


4mm MDF Cat sitting

4mm MDF sitting cat with hanging loop.150mm by 65mm..


4mm MDF Dragon 100mm

4mm MDF Dragon .100mm in size ..


4mm MDF Elephant 120mm

4mm MDF Elephant.120mm wide by 95mm tall..


4mm MDF Elephant with hanging Hole

4mm MDF Elephant with hanging hole.150mm wide by 100mm tall...


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