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Female Items

Female Items

Female related items

Everything for the girls and mums.

Bespoke designs available upon request for anything unusual

or special for the girls and ladies

3mm MDF Mummy Heart 125mm

3mm MDF laser cut rounded heart Mummy125mm in size..


3mm MDF Nan Heart 125mm

3mm MDF laser cut rounded heart Nan125mm in size..


3mm MDF Nana Heart 125mm

3mm MDF laser cut rounded heart Nana125mm in size..


3mm MDF Sister Heart 125mm

3mm MDF laser cut rounded heart Sister125mm in size..


4mm MDF Button Star shape

4mm MDF Star button  shape .200mm in size..


Gin Queen bauble

3mm Laser cut Gin Queen bauble .95mm in size..


Prosecco Queen Bauble

3mm Laser cut Prosecco Queen bauble .95mm in size..


Vodka queen Bauble

3mm Laser cut Vodka  Queen bauble.95mm insize..


18mm MDF Standing Shoe 120mm

18mm MDF Standing Shoe.120mm by 120mm..


18mm MDF Mermaid Tail starts at 100mm

18mm freestanding Mermaid TailStarts at 100mm tall Please use drop down for size required..


18mm Tutu Dress Plain 150mm

18mm MDF Tutu Dress .150mm tall ..


4mm  MDF Praying  Angel  100mm pack of 3

4mm Thick MDF Praying Angel. 100mm tall, pack of 3..


4mm MDF Bow 100mm in size pack of 3

Lovely bow shape ready to finish in a variety of projects 100mm in size pack of 3 ..


4mm MDF Cupcake 100mm in size pack of 3

A simple design of a Cupcake/Fairy Cake ready to finish.100mm in size pack of 3..


4mm MDF Diamond Shape

4mm MDF Hanging Diamond shape.150mm wide by 140mm tall ..


4mm MDF Wine Glass 100mm Pack of 3

A simple Wine glass for the girls 100mm in size pack of 3..


12mm MDF freestanding Rose 200mm wide

12mm Thick MDF Rose .Width 200mm.Hight 90mm at the highest point...


3mm Personalised Wine Glass  150mm

3mm Laser cut personalised Wine Glass150mm in size.Any single letter ..


Personalised Crown 120mm

3mm MDF laser cut personalised crown120mm wide by 85mm tall..


4mm MDF Crown Plaque 200mm

4mm Thick MDF Crown plaque.200mm wide at the widest point.220mm tall at the tallest point ...


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