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Male items

Male items

Male and Man orientated items

Show the man in your life your feelings with a unique design.

Make him feel special with a one off decorated item

4mm MDF Digger 100mm

4mm MDF Digger .100mm in size ..


4mm MDF Fob Watch 50mm

4mm MDF Fob Watch.50mm tall by 35mm wide ..


4mm MDF Hot Air Balloon

4mm MDF hot air balloon .50mm tall by 30mm wide..


Laser cut Van  75mm

3mm Laser cut and etched.Van .75mm by 30mm..


MDF Anchor 100mm

4mm MDF anchor 100mm ..


4mm MDF Digger 150mm

4mm MDF Digger 150mm in size..


4mm MDF Fob Watch 75mm

4mm MDF Fob Watch .75mm tall by 55mm wide ..


4mm MDF Tractor Plain 130mm

4mm MDF Tractor Plain.130mm wide by 100mm tall..


4mm MDF Train 100mm

4mm MDF Train 100mm in size ..


4mm MDF Tractor 130mm

4mm MDF Tractor with detail.130mm wide by 100mm tall..


4mm MDF Train 150mm

4mm MDF Train 150mm in size..


Laser cut Caravan 75mm

3mm Laser cut MDF.Caravan 75mmWill have brown edges due to laser cutting...


Laser Cut VW Camper Front 75mm

3mm Laser cut MDFVW Camper Van Front75mm tallWill have brown edges due to laser cutting...


MDF Mini Car

Well respected and famous Mini car front view shape.Use drop down for other sizes..


4mm MDF Train 200mm

4mm MDF Train.200mm wide by 140mm tall..


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