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Male items

Male items

Male and Man orientated items

Show the man in your life your feelings with a unique design.

Make him feel special with a one off decorated item

Dad/ Grandad Plaque with two Girls

3mm MDF Dad/Grandad with two girls.Comes in two parts.150mm tall by 110mm wide...


Dad/Grandad Plaque with two Boys 3mm MDF

3mm MDF Dad/Grandad plaque with two Boys 150mm tall by 110mm wide .Comes in two parts ..


12mm MDF Hanging Car

12mm MDF Hanging Car .200mm wide by 160mm tall..


18mm MDF Spanner 200mm Long

18mm MDF Spanner .200mm long..


Laser cut Mini Caravans PK25

3mm Laser cut MDF.Mini Caravans pack of 2530mm in size Will have brown edges due to laser cutting...


Dad/Grandad plaque 3 children

3mm MDF Dad/Grandad plaque with 3 children.Comes in two parts .160mm wide by 150mm tall.Please state what children you would like..


18mm MDF D with Daddy Small

18mm MDF  D engraved with Daddy130mm wide by 150mm tall ..


6mm Thick Boy on scooter

6mm MDF Boy on scooter comes in two parts .Just glue .200mm tall by 200mm wide..


Personalised Digger 200mm

3mm Laser cut Digger .Personalised .200mm by 100mm tall..


18mm MDF Caravan Freestanding 150mm

18mm MDF Freestanding Caravan with etched detail.150mm wide by 95mm tall..


18mm MDF Steam Engine

18mm MDF Steam Engine .200mm wide by 150mm tall..


18mm MDF D with Daddy Large

18mm MDF  D engraved with Daddy180mm wide by 200mm tall ..


18mm MDF Engineer Spanner

18mm MDF  Engineer Spanner.230mm wide by 80mm tall...


18mm MDF Caravan 200mm

18mm MDF Caravan freestanding with etched detail.200mm wide by 125mm tall..


Personalised Batman Plaque

Personalised batman Plaque.You can up to 8 letters for the name required.300mm by 170mm tall .Comes in two parts..


Personalised Football 190mm

Personalised Football .3mm MDF Laser Cut .190mm in size..


18mm MDF Hammer when it comes DADDY

18mm MDF Freestanding hammer .When it comes to being a Daddy you nailed it.250mm long..


4mm MDF Beer bottle beer cap holder 590mm

4mm MDF Bottle with 50 holes for collecting bottle caps .590mm tall by 200mm wide...


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