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Miscellaneous items

Miscellaneous items

Odds and ends

A section for any items that just seems to fit here rather than anywhere else

4mm MDF Flower pot marker

4mm MDF Flower pot marker.150mm tall.flower 75mm wide..


4mm MDF Music Note Crotchet 100mm

4mm MDF Crotchet .100mm tall..


4mm Thick MDF Pumpkin starts at 100mm size

4mm Thick MDF Pumpkin hanging plaque starts at 100mm in size..


4mm MDF Music Note Bass Clef 100mm

4mm MDF Bass Clef .100mm tall comes with small dots..


4mm MDF Music note Quaver 100mm

4mm MDF Quaver.100mm tall..


4mm MDF Music Note 100mm

4mm MDF Music Note .100mm tall by 90mm wide..


4mm MDF House 150mm in size with heart cut out

4mm MDF House with hanging loop and heart cut out .150mm in size ...


4mm MDF Music Note Treble Clef 200mm

4mm MDF Treble Clef .200mm tall by 80mm wide..


4mm  MDF Cloud Shape 200mm

4mm Thick MDF Cloud shape. 200mm wide by 120mm tall...


4mm MDF Palm Tree

4mm MDF Palm Tree .150mm tall by 100mm wide..


4mm MDF Car with the letter P for passed

4mm Thick MDF hanging car plaque with the letter P for passed.150mm wide.140mm tall...


4mm MDF Irish Dress plaque

4mm MDF Irish dress plaque.150mm tall by 130mm wide..


4mm MDF Key with house

4mm MDF Key shape with house.160mm wide by 80mm tall..


4mm MDF Standing Bottle 200mm tall

4mm MDF Bottle comes in two parts just glue together.200mm tall by 50mm wide..


4mm MDF Waist coat plaque

4mm MDF waist coat plaque.150mm tall by 90mm wide..


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