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Valentines Day

Valentines Day


Show them you love them with a Valentines gift that no one else has.

Bespoke designs and ideas always welcome

for the extra special touch on the day of love !

4mm Thick MDF standing plaque HOPE 380 mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Word HOPE comes in two parts just glue base to top part.150mm tall.380mm wide..


4mm Thick MDF standing Plaque LIFE 380mm wide

4mm Thick MDF  standing plaque LIFE comes in two parts just glue base to top part.150mm tall.380mm wide..


6mm MDF Standing I love you rose heart

6mm MDF Standing Rose heart with I love you.230mm tall by 210mm wide ..


All Because two people plaque

3mm MDF Laser cut PlaqueAll Because two people fell in love .150mm tall by 200mm wide ..


Monogram Love word 150mm

3mm Laser cut Love Monogram.150mm tall with hanging holes..


Split Heart Broken Heart 100mm

12mm MDF Split heart with hanging holes.Each piece is 100mm tall by 50mm wide ...


You Have My Whole Heart Plaque

3mm MDF Laser CutYou have my Whole Heart 190mm wide by 130mm tall..


Husband and Wife Plaque

3mm MDF Laser cut plaque.Husband and Wife Best Friends for Life.200mm wide by 150mm tall..


4mm Thick MDF Double heart on a base 400mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Double heart on a base, comes in two parts slot together and glue.400mm wide by 200mm tall..


18mm  MDF  Freestanding Letters and Heart

18mm Thick MDF Letters and Heart .140mm high by 320mm wide.Sizes may vary on letters you choose .Please make sure you put which letters are required.1 for each side of the heart..


18mm  standing  Jigsaw linked letters

18mm Thick standing jigsaw letters .You get two letters and one heart.PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME LETTERS IF PUT BEFORE THE HEART WILL HAVE A LONG JOINER FROM THE LETTER TO THE HEART, Such as the letter L.150mm tall..


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