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Wedding and Anniversary

Wedding and Anniversary

Wedding Day

The best and biggest day of a girls life

when she decides to make it special

with a unique design for the great day.

Make it different for her on the biggest event of her life

with a design you've created especially for her and the groom.

4mm Horse Shoe with heart 50mm

4mm MDF Horse shoe with single heart.50mm with hanging hole..


4mm MDF Bell 70mm

4mm MDF Bell .70mm tall by 60mm wide..


MDF Rose

Great rose design, ideal for anniversary, a present or Valentines etcCan be made to the 500mm long size by special order..


4mm MDF Bell 100mm

4mm MDF Bell.100mm tall by 90mm wide ..


4mm MDF Horse shoe with heart 100mm

4mm MDF Horse shoe with single heart.100mm tall by 95mm wide..


4mm Thick MDF Small flower pot table number placeholder

4mm Thick MDF Flower pot heart comes in two parts slot together.150mm tall.Heart is 65mm in size.Base is 65mm in size...


4mm MDF Bell 150mm

4mm MDF Bell.150mm tall by 125mm wide..


4mm  MDF Plain Horse shoe 150mm

4mm Thick MDF Plain Horse Shoe.150mm tall.140mm wide...


4mm MDF Horse Shoe with Heart 140mm

4mm Thick MDF Horse shoe with heart.150mm tall.140mm wide..


4mm MDF Standing Bottle 200mm tall

4mm MDF Bottle comes in two parts just glue together.200mm tall by 50mm wide..


4mm Thick MDF Bride On base 120mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Bride on base comes in two parts just slot together.120mm wide.150mm tall...


4mm Thick MDF Plaque with horse shoes

4mm MDF Plaque with 3 bunting horse shoes.Plaque 205mm by 70mm Horse shoes 50mm x3..


4mm MDF Bell with loop starts at 100mm Size pack of 3

4mm Thick MDF Bell with loop 100mm in size pack of 3..


4mm Thick MDF Bell with center loop 200mm tall

4mm Thick MDF Bell with hanging loop inside to hang charms or christmas shapes from.200mm tall by 160mm wide..


4mm Thick MDf Horse shoe with clover leaf

4mm Thick MDf Horse shoe with clover leaf.160mm wide.190mm tall..


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