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Fairy doors and Fairy type items

Fairy doors and Fairy type items

Fairy Door designs

Great for producing those mystical and magical designs to capture the imagination of children.

Perfect for the "Tooth Fairy" to wander through in the night

and leave a present for that tooth that fell out  :-)

4mm Thick MDF Hanging Toadstool

4mm Thick MDF hanging toadstool .Starts at 100mm size...


MDF Toadstool/Mushroom

A simple shape for embellishing in your own way Can be made at 500mm sizeUse drop down for other sizesFor large versions use contact us page and request..


Mini fairy Door Arched window Laser Cut

Laser cut  Mini fairy Door with arched windows and archesPack of 130mm by 25mmWill have brown edges due to laser cutting..


Mini Fairy Door Heart Window Laser Cut

Laser cut  mini Fairy door heart window and Arch Pack of 130mm by 25mmWill have brown edges due to laser cutting..


4mm Thick MDF  Flying Fairy 90mm

4mm Thick MDF Flying FairyHight 90mm.Width 80mm at the widest point..


4mm Thick Sitting fairy 100mm tall

4mm Thick MDF sitting fairy.100mm tall ..


4mm Thick MDF Hanging Fairy

4mm Thick MDF Fairy with hanging hole 150mm tall.85mm wide...


4mm MDF Flying Fairy 150mm

4mm MDF Flying fairy 150mm in size..


4mm Thick MDF Hobbit Door 150mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Hobbit door with engraved grooves .150mm wide.135mm tall...


4mm Thick MDF Standing Fairy

4mm Thick MDF standing FairyComes in two parts just slot base to fairy and glue.150mm tall. 85mm wide...


4mm Thick MINI Fairy doors pack of 5

4mm Thick MDF Mini fairy doors pack of 5.50mm tall.35mm wide ..


4mm Thick Small Hobbit Door 100mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Hobbit Door.Comes in two parts just glue arch to door.100mm wide by 80mm tall..


4mm Thick MDF ELF House with tree 90mm wide

4mm Thick MDF Elf House, comes in 3 parts just glue together.House is 90mm wide by 100mm tall.Tree is 30mm ..


4mm Thick MDF Fairy door with Vine arch and Arch window

4mm Thick MDF Vine arch fairy door with arch window .130mm tall by 100mm wide.Also avaliable in 5s ..


4mm Thick MDF Tooth fairy door

4mm thick MDF tooth fairy door comes in 3 parts.1x base shaped like a tooth1x arch.1x door.base is 120mm long by 70mm wide.door 130mm tall by 100mm wide..


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