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Heart Shapes

Heart Shapes

Heart shapes

Excellent quality finish for that special sentiment

or gift for someone who means a lot.

4mm Thick MDF Heart No holes start at 50mm

4mm Mdf heart no holes starts at 50mm sizeUse drop down for other sizes..


4mm Thick MDF Heart Starts at 50mm with one hole.

4mm Thick MDF Heart with one hole starts at 50mm sizeChoose size from drop down..


4mm Thick MDF Heart with 2 holes

4mm Thick MDF Heart with 2 holes. Starts at 50mm size...


4mm Thick MDF Rounded Heart  starts at 50mm

4mm Thick MDF Rounded Heart.Comes with hanging hole.Starts at 50mmChoose size using drop down..


Primitive Heart starts at 50mm

4mm MDF primitive heartstarts at 50mm in size Please state with payment if you require Holes for hanging..


6mm MDF Heart 50mm Size

6mm Thick MDF  plain Heart 50mmin size .If you rquire hanging holes please leave a message with payment ...


4mm Thick MDF Small flower pot table number placeholder

4mm Thick MDF Flower pot heart comes in two parts slot together.150mm tall.Heart is 65mm in size.Base is 65mm in size...


MDF Double Heart 50mm Pack of 5

3 mm  MDF Double Heart50 mm tallPack of 5..


12mm Side standing hearts 45mm in size  pack of 3

12mm Thick MDF Side standing hearts pack of 3.45mm in size..


6mm Thick I LOVE YOU Heart

6mm thick I Love You Heart with hanging holes 100mm by 100mm in size..


6mm thick MDF I LOVE YOU Padlock

6mm Thick MDF I LOVE YOU PADLOCK 150mm high by 100mm wide...


18mm MDF side standing Heart starts at 100mm

18mm Thick MDF Freestanding side standing Heart .starts at 100mm ..


4mm Thick MDF  Freestanding Heart with base  200mm

4mm Thick MDF Double heart on a base comes in two parts just slot together.200mm wide.100mm tall..


6mm MDF Heart engraved  stitched edge 160mm

6mm MDF Heart engraved with stitched edge.160mm tall by 150mm wide..


18mm MDF Side Standing Heart 100mm

18mm MDF side standing Heart 100mm..


6mm MDF Heart on a base 150mm in size

6mm MDF Heart on a base comes in two parts just glue together.Heart is 150mm in size .Base is 150mm long by 100mm wide...


4mm MDF Hanging heart

4mm MDF Hanging heart with hanging inside heart.180mm wide by 200mm tall small heart 75mm tall..


12mm MDF freestanding heart x 3

12mm thick freestanding heart these are 60mm high by 50mm wide, these make great table decorations. You will Receive 3 in a pack ..


6mm Thick MDF Heart 50mm In size Pack of 10

6mm Thick MDF Heart Pack of 1050mm in size.If you require hanging holes please leave a message with payment ..


4mm Thick MDF Standing heart with Hanging heart 200mm tall

4mm Thick MDF Standing Heart with hanging heart comes in 3 parts just glue base to top heart, and add ribbon  or twine to the hanging heart.Base 175mm wide.Large heart 200mm tall, by 180mm wide.hanging heart 75mm tall , by 65mm wide ..


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