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Valentines Day

Valentines Day


Show them you love them with a Valentines gift that no one else has.

Bespoke designs and ideas always welcome

for the extra special touch on the day of love !

Laser Cut Joined Roses 80mm

Laser Cut and Etched  Roses 80mm across Will have brown edges due to laser cutting..


4mm Thick MDF LOVE Plaque 220mm long

4mm Thick MDF LOVe Plaque .220mm long by 80mm high.If you would like hanging holes please leave amessage with payment ...


6mm Thick I LOVE YOU Heart

6mm thick I Love You Heart with hanging holes 100mm by 100mm in size..


6mm thick MDF I LOVE YOU Padlock

6mm Thick MDF I LOVE YOU PADLOCK 150mm high by 100mm wide...


4mm Thick MDF  Freestanding Heart with base  200mm

4mm Thick MDF Double heart on a base comes in two parts just slot together.200mm wide.100mm tall..


12mm MDF freestanding Rose 200mm wide

12mm Thick MDF Rose .Width 200mm.Hight 90mm at the highest point...


4mm Thick MDF Standing love plaque

4mm Thick MDF Love Plaque with base.Comes in two parts just slot together.220mm wide.80mm tall..


4mm Thick MDF Roses 150mm high pack of 4

4mm Thick MDF Roses in a pack of 4hight 150mm.width 50mm at the widest point...


4mm MDF Heart Candle Engraved

4mm MDF Heart candle shape .Engraved with you light up my life.170mm tall by 120mm wide..


6mm Thick MDF Heart I will always love you

6mm Thick MDF heart engraved with I will always love you .150mm in size..


6mm Thick MDF Heart love you with all my heart

6mm Thick MDF Heart engraved with Love you with all my heart.150mm in size..


6mm Thick MDF Heart you hold the  key

6mm Thick MDF Heart engraved with you hold the key to my heart.150mm in size..


4mm MDF Hanging heart

4mm MDF Hanging heart with hanging inside heart.180mm wide by 200mm tall small heart 75mm tall..


4mm MDF Heart I love you 200mm wide

4mm MDF Heart engraved with I love you .200mm wide by 150mm tall...


12mm MDF freestanding heart x 3

12mm thick freestanding heart these are 60mm high by 50mm wide, these make great table decorations. You will Receive 3 in a pack ..


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