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Teacher Items

Teacher Items


For those special Teacher presents

to show how much they mean

and to let them know they're appreciated so much

4mm  MDF Apple Starts at 50mm

4mm Thick MDF Apple.starts at 50mm in size .Please use drop down for other sizes..


Laser Cut Owl  starts at  50mm

Laser Cut and Etched  Owl Starts at 50mm tall Please use drop down for other sizes..


MDF Apple Bunting starts at 50mm

Apple bunting in 4mm MDF comes in other sizes.Please use drop down menu for different sizes...


4mm  MDF OWL Starts at  100mm

4mm Thick MDF OWLStarts at 100mm  tall please use drop down for over sizes..


4mm  MDF Owl Starts at 100mm

4mm MDF owl 100mm tall Please use drop down for other sizesPlease state if you require hanging holes..


Laser Cut Jigsaw piece MY TEACHER 50mm

3mm MDF Laser Cut My Teacher jigsaw50mm in size .Pack of 1..


Top Teacher owl starts at 100mm tall

3mm MDF laser cut Top Teacher OwlStarts at 100mm tall ..


Laser cut Love with apple 60mm

3mm MDF Laser Cut  Love plaque with Apple 60mm in size .Pack of 1..


Personalised Pencil D1 starts at 150mm

3mm Laser cut and etched teacher Pencil One Name in the Middle Comes with two hanging holes Varied sizes..


Personalised Teacher pencil D2 Size starts at 150mm

3mm Laser cut and etched Teacher Pencil.Comes with teachers name and Pupils name Size starts at 150mm..


18mm MDF Standing Apple Starts at  70mm

18mm MDF Standing Apple. Starts at 70mm in size.Please use drop down for other sizes..


SUPER Teacher Plaque 100mm

3mm MDF standing plaque Super TeacherComes in two parts 100mm wide by 75mm tall..


12mm  MDF Owl 100mm High

12mm Thick MDF Owl Freestanding.100mm high.x 95mm Wide. ..


18mm Owl Starts at 100mm

18mm MDF Owl.Starts at 100mm tallPlease use drop down for other sizes..


Laser Cut Apple with letter 75mm

3mm MDF Laser Cut Apple with any single letter.75mm in size .Pack of 1..


Laser Cut Artist Pallet 30mm Pack of 10

3mm MDF Laser Cut Artist pallet30mm in size .Pack of 10..


4mm  Super Teacher Hanging plaque

4mm Thick MDF Teacher hanging plaque.150mm wide.130mm tall..


4mm  MDF Super Teacher standing Plaque

4mm Thick MDF Super Teacher standing plaque,  comes in two parts slot together and glue.150mm wide.120mm Tall..


Laser Cut Globe 50mm Pack of 5

3mm MDF Laser Cut Globe50mm in size .Pack of 5..


laser Cut Super Teacher Apple 100mm

3mm MDF Laser Cut Super Teacher apple100mm in size .Pack of 1..


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